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Comforting Milky Cleanser Cream

Formulated with very pure vegetal extracts, this comforting milky cleanser cream enhances a clear complexion while moisturizing and neutralizing the drying effects of hard water. Leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortable, softer and more radiant.

  • Hydrophilic Oils (Cleanse)

  • Vitamin A and E

  • Alpine Herbs (Softens)

  • Balm Mint (Calms)

  • Juniper (Anti-bacterial)

  • Linseed

Use morning and evening, to thoroughly cleanse face and neck.

Facial Peeling

Gentle, absorbent cream exfoliates based on natural clay. Particularly recommended for sensitive skin- Absorbs and lifts surface impurities, renews skin‘s surface. Maintains and protects a youthful appearance. With regular use, Gentle Facial Peeling allows skin to “breath” better and enhances the action and benefits of treatments applied afterward

  • Natural Clay

  • Coltsfoot

  • Elder tree

  • Great Burdock

  • Ginkgo Extracts

  • Marshmallow

  • Olive Oil

Use once or twice a week on thoroughly cleansed skin.

Purifying Cleansing Gel

Purifying cleansing gel traps impurities and dissolves excess oily secretions, with an intensive makeup removal and cleansing action.

  • Natural Clay

  • Whitening

  • Ginkgo Extracts

  • Olive Oil

  • Exfoliate Extract

Apply over the entire face, morning and evening, then gently massage into the skin before rinsing.

Foaming Cleanser

The rich, lightweight lather of Foaming Cleanser offers all the benefits of cleansing with water; without the inconveniences. Completely clean face of impurities, gently moisturize and sooth skin, leave soft and supply eliminate bacteria on skin, eliminate pimples and irritation, speed up skin’s metabolism, and improve blood circulation.

  • Water softening agents

  • Coconut (Stimulates)

  • Water of Mint

  • Vitamin A and E

  • Yogurt essence

Apply foaming cleansing in small quantity and clean your face rinse with warm water, Use every day, morning or evening.