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Eye Care

Eye Care

Extra-Firming Eye Contour Cream

Anti-wrinkle Day Cream helps replenish, lift and illuminate skin challenged by natural hormonal changes due to the aging process. It helps smooth-out lines and wrinkles in few days you can see your skin appears firmer and better toned. Day after day, skin appears firmer and better toned.

  • Vitamin C: tones

  • Protein complex based on wheat: smoothes, firms, revitalizes

  • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant

Apply preferably in the evening.

Eye Contour Gel

Treatment can be used over make-up to maintain youthful-looking eye expressions. Product is suitable for those with sensitive eyes,   Reduces puffiness, minimizes dark circles, Moisturizes and tones the eyelids,   Facilitates smooth make-up application.        .

  • Palmetto extract: decongests.

  • Apricot leaves

  • Cucumber-rose

Any time of the day.

Eye Make Up Remover Lotion

Gentle Eye Make-up Remover was formulated to be as gentle as eye lotions. Help clear away melanin and color spots, prevent the formation of spots. Promote the synthesis of skin collagen

  • Purifying and spot removing essence

  • Whitening Factor

  • Perl Essence

  • Variety of Vitamines A

Use every day to remove eye makeup.

Eye Mask

Free cream promotes smoother eye contours in few minutes. Suitable for all types of eyes. Minimizes signs of fatigue, puffiness and dark circles in few minutes, refresh the area around the eyes.

  • Apricot

  • Cacao plant

  • Chinese Herbs

  • Vitamin B3 and C

  • Collagen

Use it according to your need.

Eye Serum

The effective time is the day time for treatment for mature skin to help promote firmer, younger-looking eye contours. Refreshing nonoily gel suitable for those with sensitive eyes. Minimizes puffiness and dark circle, Remove pouch and fat particles, effectively tighten swelling skin arising from fatigue and injury of the eyes, and activate the eyes to make them bright and glowing. protein complex based on wheat, corrective pigments

  • Vitamin B and E

  • Protein complex based on wheat

  • Corrective pigments.

Used daily on the cleansed eye, apply few dots of gel around your eyes and dump it in a circular movement until it becomes dry.

Uv Plus Protective Day Screen for eye SPF 40

Daily skin protection, an ultra-protective day screen acts to help avoid premature skin aging sensitivity and dark spots, Provides triple protection against harmful UVA/UVB and Infrared rays, Keeps the harmful effects of pollution and free-radicals. Protects skin against pollution and free-radicals while providing reinforced protection during peak times (hot weather).

  • Mineral filters

  • Chinese sea cucumber

  • White Tea extract

Apply once a day either in the morning or the evening, to the face and neck.

Use before under your usual moisturizer. It’s strongly advised not to use any type of peeling or steam before usage.