Project Description



Ultra Matt Rebalancing Lotion

This revitalizing balancing toning lotion conditions and rebalances skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth., Primes skin to achieve maximum results from the skincare that follows. Gently managing oily zones while soothing dry areas, they leave skin feeling renewed, comfortable, and healthy Perfectly Clean.

  • White Water Lily

  • Senegal Barberry

  • Aloe (Alleviates)

After cleansing sweep on the face with a cotton pad. Use twice a day, Morning and evening. Follow with your anti-aging/repair formula and moisturizer as desired

Toning Lotion

Toning lotion oil-free complexion is ideal for oily or shiny skin, Completes the cleansing action of Cleansing Gel. – Tones and refreshes the skin. – Tightens pores, refines the skin‘s texture. Promotes a matte appearance and helps avoid skin “shine”.

  • Witch Hazel

  • Olive Oil

  • Ultra-fine Siliceous Powders

  • Rosemary

Drop few amounts on a cotton pad and clean your face, Use it daily after Foaming Cleanser.

Brightening Toner Hydrating

Alcohol-free plant based lotion to refresh combination or oily skin and gently complete the perfect cleansing program. Gently removes any traces of Cleansing Milk. – Tones skin and clarifies the complexion. – Radiant skin. – Moisturizes and softens. – Facilitates smooth make-up application and enhances long-lasting wear.

  • Aloe (Alleviates)

  • Guava

  • Hawthorn

  • Orris (Soften)

  • Witch hazel (Anti-free radical, Astringent Protects)

  • Olive Oil

Use every day morning and evening. Apply with a cotton pad and follow with a Cleansing Milk.